K Fee Coffee Capsule Machines

This is a guest post by Mon Flores, who attended the K Fee event.

If I had a choice, most of my stuff would be made in Germany. Who wouldn’t want to have German stuff? If you are like me, you want things that are built right and built to last. A testament would be my dad’s collection of German automobiles. Don’t get me wrong, my dad is not a wealthy man, he’s just addicted to his 30 year old Mercedes Benz car.  My point is, Germans will not put their name on anything if the quality of the brand is less than ideal.

It’s not just about cars. It’s a cultural philosophy I believe. This time, coffee lovers will be thrilled to experience what kind of brewing perfection their superior technology will render to the coffee drinking public here in the Philippines.

My first K Fee coffee experience took place in LeBistro in Salcedo Makati.

I wouldn’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur (yet). I say that because after attending the press conference, I’m considering uplifting my upcoming coffee experiences. That said, I took out my calculator and did the math. I usually don’t indulge in “branded” coffee only because I factor in the cost as being way on top of the list.  So, a cup of quality coffee is roughly between Php80, and if you’re like me, I have at least 2 cups of coffee throughout the day, everyday. 80 multipied by 365 = Php29200 x 2 cups = grand total of Php. 598,400. Ha! Ring the bell, we have a winner here! The K Fee system will retail at around Php7000 here in the Philippines!

Oh wait a minute, I haven’t even told you about the unique thing that makes K Fee coffee sooo good.

Before I tell you that, try to picture yourself inside a coffee shop. Behind the counter you see those fancy coffee machines that cost an arm and a leg, that’s why you will only see them in commercial establishments and in the kitchens of hotels and rich folk. What does that leave the less privileged? 3-in-1.

I’ve had percolator coffee makers before and sad to say, they have been relegated to the deep recesses under my sink. It still works (I think) but I guess I don’t use it anymore because 1) It’s fussy; 2) after a while, the can of roasted coffee I purchased last month has lost its semblance to premium coffee both in aroma and taste. Yuck.

Now I know how that actually happened.  Listening to our friends from K Fee, they revealed to me the secret all coffee connoisseurs already know. Freshness!

Sure, those big noisy and expensive cappuccino machines make one heck of a latte’ but it’s just too pricey for a middle-class hobo such as myself.

Enter the K Fee system. What’s unique about it is that it doesn’t have the usual basket filter we are used to. What it has instead is what they call a capsule. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. It actually looks like a small round puck about 1 ½ inches in diameter. It inserts seamlessly into a slot on top of the machine and presto! Your coffee will ready be in a few minutes. No need to unwrap anything or fiddle with filters.

The reason the coffee stays fresh is because the capsule is hermetically sealed. If left unopened, your coffee will stay fresh indefinitely. And since each capsule is for only one serving, no need to worry about the remaining roast losing it’s freshness.

You will have a variety of choices on the type of coffee beverage that is available. There is  cappuccino, espresso and our very own barako! If it’s too late for coffee, they also come with a hot chocolate capsule. Yum! In other words, 7 star coffees will now be more accessible to people like me.

For after sales service, in case it prematurely malfunctions, just bring it back to where you bought it. Simple as that.

Now all I need to do now is wait  until it’s available locally so we can regularly have that premium taste of brewed coffee everyday. I can almost smell it…aaaahhh!

See the K Fee machines on display at the COFFEE ORIGINS 2010 coffee event at Greenbelt 5 Gallery until October 20, 2010. The Philippine Coffee Board is helping Hermann and his partners look for passionate distributors who can help them with a local market presence. Email philippinecoffees [at] gmail [dot] com or call 63.2.892.6661 for more details about K Fee Capsule Machines.



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9 responses to “K Fee Coffee Capsule Machines

  1. If you wants to buy the Coffee Machines then in this blog you got the best offers for it…

  2. Ingrid

    I loved the coffee machine but it broke after only four days. It was replaced without a problem so I’ll give this one one more shot. To be honest it’s just so quick and easy to use. Fingers crossed.

  3. peter kell

    i have just purchased a podpronto. what a great machine and does everything it says . only trouble is the coffee pods are very scarce to purchasechase anywhere can you hel;p, with a web site i can purcase from?

  4. Hi Peter. I’ll see what I can do and check whether K-Fee can give a list.

  5. dawn hillman

    can you use milk instead of water for yor chocalate

  6. Barry

    you can buy them from tesco off the shelf. the tesco finest ones fit it too and are actually nicer than the k-fee ones.

  7. Koo

    I bought my friend a Podpronto machine, but now I am looking for a coffee pod holder for the pods. Where can I purchase one from?

  8. Carole

    tesco do not now have any Pod Pronto or their finest Espresso pods available and do not know when they will be restocking, please can anyone tell me what pod is available that is compatible with the K-fee machine I have now wasted a week trying to get this info as my machine is now unusable

  9. ann

    I bought one of the podpronto machines last year, great machine, but the problem is now you cant get the pods as tesco are not getting them in stock, im now in the position of having a machine that is no use, and the purchase price was not cheap, not impressed at all. you can get pods on the internet if im prepared to wait until end of may beginning of june

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