13 responses to “Are you Playing the Facebook Pot Farm Game?

  1. April

    Re: Pot Farm

    Does anyone know if and how to use items such as the oil press, brewer and potcorn machine? When I click on mine, I just get the options to move it, sell it or walk to it.

    Thanks dudes!

  2. Kells

    Things like the ‘ potcorn maker’ and such are used as a daily income. i love this game. it is unique and very addictive.

  3. Boogie

    This game is ridiculous!!!! I love the heck out of it and its a very addictive game. i play it at least five times a day. try it im tellin you it will be worth it!!

  4. the potcorn machine a whiskey still you need hemp oil, corn and time warp to make potcorn hemp to make oil and brain warp and corn to make pot scotch
    thats preety much what i found outt lol pot corn and pot scotch will make you more than 30.000$ a day if you have the stuff in your inventory

  5. Slayed

    forget that, im lvl 46, i have 2 barns for storage and 30 whiskey stills i keep all my equipment and protection in my barns untill i need them, i have 343 availiable spaces and a starting protection of 150 JUST from animals i have that take up NO SPACES, i run corn 3 days in a row, for a total of 1029 corn, then 4 crops of brain warp with various stored protection to get an equal amount, that totals over 35000 exp, and 8232 pot scotch for a coin total of, 1,152,000 every 5 days, you could also plant ur field 2/3 corn and 1/3 brain warp if u harvest the warp twice daily and convert b4 replanting the totals will be the same but it requires a little more time to maintain where as i only convert scotch once a week

  6. Ursula

    I think its absolutely ridiculous that facebook shut it down over a lawsuit brought on by parents that serve wine to their children for dinner. *grrrr* What country do we live in anyway?

  7. D Young

    Ursula i so agree, so if you dont like it supervise your kids better, its a game, with everything thats on TV these days, this was nothing when compaired to that. 😦

  8. Dave

    No more pot farm on facebook as of the 23 June. it has been pulle

  9. Whoa! Now, that’s news. There is a lot of disappointment in this discussion forum about Pot Farm – http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=68310606562&topic=28337.

  10. POT FARM is back and still lots of fun.. i run a group for my neighbors and we share everything.. so it makes gathering so much easier.. I <# this game!! =)

  11. rebecca

    how do i move things into my inventory ???

  12. jimmy

    can not get hydrophonic van to start why?

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